Global Certifications

Providing International Recognition of your Knowledge in LPM and LPI.

The International Institute of Legal Project Management provides educational programs that align with the achievement of three different global certifications. Compare our certifications:

Certification Knowledge Level Target Personnel Minimum Training Certification Badge 
Legal Project Associate™ (LPA) Basic Knowledge in Legal Project Management
  • Legal Project Team Members
  • University Students
  • Paralegals
  • Support personnel
14 hours (2 days)
Legal Project Practitioner™ (LPP) Advanced Knowledge in Legal Project Management
  • Professionals leading legal projects
  • Lawyers
  • Professionals with experience in law firms, legal departments, courts and legal consultants

21 hours (3 days)

Please note there is workplace experience requirements (see below)

Legal Process Improvement Professional™ (LPIP) Advanced Knowledge in Legal Process Management
  • Professionals in the legal sector who aspire to improve the business of law: technology, systems and processes.
14 hours (2 days)


The Legal Project Practitioner™ (LPP) certification also requires one of more of the following workplace prerequisites:

  • a qualified lawyer (with or without a practice certificate);
  • completion of an IILPM ATP-delivered university program;
  • working in a law firm for at least one year;
  • working with internal Legal Counsel for at least one year;
  • working in a court or judicial system supporting the administration of justice for at least one year; and/or
  • working with law firms in the capacity of an adviser, consultant or trainer for at least one year.

Professional Development and

Upskilling in Topics like…

Project Leadership

Project Planning

Time and Cost Management

Resource Management

Risk Management

Process Optimization and Standardization

Team Working Skills

Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills

Change Management Skills

Communication and Active Listening

Emotional Intelligence

Adaptability, Flexibility, Lateral Thinking