Legal process is deemed to be a specialist area of legal project management. It represents “a structured methodology for optimizing legal and business processes, so that legal professionals can deliver high-quality, cost-effective services in less time and with less effort.” 

The Legal Process Improvement Professional™ (LPIP) certification recognises a person with legal design and process improvement knowledge and expertise.

Certified personnel facilitate the capture, design and redevelopment of both legal practice processes and legal matter processes. It is designed for improving the business of law.

An applicant is required to have completed the 2 day IILPM ‘Applied Legal Process Improvement’ course delivered by an IILPM Accredited Training Provider.

The LPIP Certification is a pathway for those working to improve legal practice process. This may include legal professionals, practice managers, legal technologists, trainers and process improvement consultants.

The cost of certification application is US$147 after meeting the educational requirements.

More About the Legal Process Improvement Professional (LPIP) Certification

What is the LPIP?

The Legal Process Improvement Professional or LPIP is a trademark and certification of the International Institute of Legal Project Management. The certification is issued to graduates of a IILPM-accredited Legal Process Improvement cprogram to provide global recognition of their competency.

Who is the LPIP Certification For?

It is designed for people working with law firms, inhouse legal counsel and alternate legal service provider entities who are involved in leadership, process improvement, business improvement and support roles.

This includes legal professionals, practice managers, legal technologists and process improvement consultants.

Is there a Periodic Re-certification?

No. This certification is perpetual.

Is there Any Work-based Experience Required?

There is no work experience prerequisites for this certification, however working in a law firm, inhouse legal counsel or alternate legal service provider entity will help in applying the knowledge and skills.

What are the Educational Prerequisites?

The educational prerequisites comprises the completion of the 2 day face-to-face ‘Applied Legal Process Improvement’ training with an IILPM Accredited Training Organisation.

What Training Modes are Available?

This course is available in a face-to-face training mode, or a live online format.

Who Offers It?

This course is not available in all countries that the IILPM have partners. It is being offered through our Accredited Training Organisations based in Canada, England and Spain.

How do I achieve the LPIP?

Once completing the ‘Applied Legal Process Improvement’ training, you simply complete the LPIP Application and pay the application fee.

How much does the LPIP application cost?

Once meeting the Educational Prerequisites, the additional cost of gaining the LPIP certification is US$147, although this is often included in the course fee.

To receive a hardcopy of the certification certificate, it costs an additional US$38.

Who Issues the LPIP?

The International Institute of Legal Project Management issues the LPIP.

The certification is issued electronically, however you can for US$38 receive it in hardcopy. The hardcopy version comes in a folder in the mail with the:

1. Notification letter from the IILPM Chairman; and
2. LPIP Certification certificate with the gold IILPM seal.

How can I promote myself with the LPIP Certification?

Certified LPIP graduates can use the LPIP post-nominal next to their name (on social media, business cards, websites, presentations, reports etc), and refer to themselves as a certified Legal Process Improvement Professional.

Certified LPIP graduates may also use the certification logo to identify themselves.

What then?

As an LPIP graduate you can join our online resources and continue to get ongoing professional development through articles, podcasts, videos and templates.