The Legal Project Practitioner™ (LPP) certification recognises a person with practitioner level knowledge about Legal Project Management and has the ability to lead legal matters as a legal project manager. This is the premier global certification for a legal project manager.

To apply for the LPP certification, an applicant is required to either have completed at least the 3 day (21 hours) IILPM an ‘Advanced Legal Project Management’ course delivered by an Accredited Training Provider or the online ‘Advanced Legal Project Management’ course, and must be one or more of the following:

  • a qualified lawyer (with or without a practice certificate);
  • completion of an IILPM ATP-delivered university program;
  • working in a law firm for at least one year;
  • working with internal Legal Counsel for at least one year;
  • working in a court or judicial system supporting the administration of justice for at least one year; and/or
  • working with law firms in the capacity of an adviser, consultant or trainer for at least one year.

The cost of certification application is US$177 after meeting the educational and workplace experience requirements.

More About the Legal Project Practitioner (LPP)

Who is the LPP Certification For?

Legal Project Practitioner or LPP is a trademark and certification of the International Institute of Legal Project Management.

It is designed for people leading legal matters. This can include lawyers and non-lawyer Legal Project Managers.

Is the Certification only for Lawyers?

There are many non-lawyer professional project managers now entering the legal profession. This allows an experienced project manager focusing on the process, to free up the more expensive lawyers to focus on the legal tasks.

Therefore a Legal Project Manager may or may not be a qualified lawyer. The LPP does requires some workplace experience in a legal environment however.

In fact, some lawyers who choose not to practice law, find the Legal Project Manager a satisfying alternative to being a practising lawyer.

Those holding the certification include lawyers, professional project managers working in law, para-legals, law students, legal consultants, law firm educators and practice managers.

Is there a Periodic Re-certification?

The certification expects the graduate to continue their practice, and therefore requires re-certification every 5 years.

Is there Any Work-based Experience Required?

An LPP applicant must be one or more of the following:
  a qualified lawyer;
  completing one of the IILPM ATP-delivered university programs;
  working in a law firm for at least one year (within the last 3 years);
  working with internal Legal Counsel for at least one year (within the last 3 years); and/or
  working with law firms in the capacity of an adviser, consultant or trainer for at least one year (within the last 3 years).

What are the Educational Prerequisites?

There are three options (you only need one):
1. Complete the 3-day face-to-face ‘Advanced Legal Project Management’ training with a IILPM Accredited Training Organisation;
2. Complete the IILPM online ‘Advanced Legal Project Management’ course and get an 80% or greater score in the simple multiple choice assessment (part of the course); or
3. Apply for Recognised Prior Learning from completing another legal project management course that would be comparable and have the required workplace experience (pending assessment by the IILPM).

Is the Online Assessment Difficult?

No. It is a simple multiple choice questionnaire that you can repeat until you receive 80% or more. It relates directly to the online training content.

How do I achieve the LPP?

Once meeting the Educational Prerequisites, and Work-based Experience Prerequisites are met, you simply complete the LPP Application.

How much does the LPP application cost?

Once meeting the Educational Prerequisites, the cost of gaining the LPP certification is US$177.

To receive a hardcopy of the certification certificate, it costs US$38.

Who Issues the LPP?

The International Institute of Legal Project Management issues the LPP.

The certification is issued electronically, however you can for US$38 receive it in hardcopy. The hardcopy version comes in a folder in the mail with the:

1. Welcome letter from the IILPM Chairman; and
2. LPA Certification certificate with the gold IILPM seal.

How can I promote myself with the LPP certification?

Certified LPP graduates can use the LPP post-nominal next to their name (on social media, business cards, websites, presentations, reports etc), and refer to themselves as a certified Legal Project Practitioner.

Certified LPP graduates may also use the certification logo to identify themselves.

What next?

As an LPP graduate you can join our online resources and continue to get ongoing professional development through articles, podcasts, videos and templates.

LPP graduates are already on their way to the Government endorsed and internationally-recognised Diploma of Project Management that is offered as online training, where workplace evidence is required. This qualification-based training is contextualized solely for legal project management.