IILPM Live 2024 Recordings

Thank you to the over 700 registrants from 67 countries that signed up for our annual conference that was held in both English and Spanish.

These videos are from our Conference that featured 19 speakers from 10 countries that included:

  • Anna Marra (IILPM Deputy Chair, Spain);
  • Albert Ferré (Global LegalTech Hub / GLTH);
  • Alejandro Castellano Sans (Spain, Maite.ai)
  • Aaran Scott (UK, Clifford Chance);
  • Carlos García-Egocheaga (Spain, Lexsoft Systems);
  • Ferran Farre Fabrer (Bigle Legal);
  • Jenn Lowery (USA, Clifford Chance);
  • José Ignacio López Sánchez (Spain, Uría Menéndez);
  • José Miguel Royo (Spain, Santander);
  • Juan Gustavo Corvalán (Argentina, Innovation & AI Lab);
  • Larry Bridgesmith (Executive Director and Head of Consulting, Guardrail Technologies);
  • Lieke Beelen (Holland, Visual Contracts);
  • Pascal Weber LL.M. (Germany, Clifford Chance); and
  • Sam Flynn (Australia, Centre for Legal Innovation).

The Conference was delivered by the Event team:

  • Anna Marra, Event Chair (Spain);
  • David Skinner, Event Master of Ceremonies (Canada);
  • Karen Skinner, Event Technology Host (Canada);
  • Larry Bridgesmith (United States); 
  • Nicolene Schoeman-Louw (South Africa); and
  • Todd Hutchison (Australia).

We hope you enjoy the recordings:

IILPM Live 2024: Conference Opening Session

This video is the Opening Session. It features:

  • David Skinner, IILPM ATP; Co-founder at Gimbal and Event Master of Ceremony;
  • Todd Hutchison, Global Chair, IILPM; and
  • Albert Ferré, Vice President, Global Legaltech Hub (GLTH).

IILPM LIVE 2024 : Case Studies from Law Sector on Legal Project Management

This video is the Case Studies from Law firms and Legal Departments on LPM. It features:

  • Moderator: Karen Skinner, IILPM ATP; Co-founder and CEO at Gimbal;
  • Aaran Scott, Director of Legal Project Management, at Clifford Chance UK;
  • José Miguel Royo, Coordination of Countries Legal Departments, at Banco Santander; and
  • Sam Flynn, CLI Advisory Board Member and Co-founder at Josep.

IILPM LIVE 2024: Case Studies on Legal Process Improvement (in Spanish)

This video (in Spanish) is on the Case Studies and report highlights from Law firms, Legal Departments and Innovation Labs on LPI. It features:

  • Moderator: Anna Marra, IILPM Deputy Chair;
  • José Ignacio López, Project Manager and Legal Project Practitioner, at Uría Menéndez;
  • Alejandro Castellano, Founder Maite.ai – Juan Gustavo Corvalán, IALAB; and
  • Innovation and AI Lab Director, Universidad de Buenos Aires.

IILPM LIVE 2024: The Impact of Generative AI in the Legal Sector (In Spanish)

This video is the The Impact of Generative AI in the Legal Sector. It featured:

  • Ferran Farre Fabrer from Bigle Legal.

IILPM LIVE 2024: Workshop 1 – How AI will transform Legal PM

This video is on Workshop 1: Practical use of tools – How AI will transform LPM. It features:

  • Christopher Ivy, Legal Project Manager at Baker Mckenzie, USA; and
  • Blanca López Rubio, Senior Technology & Operations Analyst, LPM Team, at Baker Mckenzie, Holland.

IILPM LIVE 2024: Workshop 2 – How AI will transform Legal Process Improvement

This video is on Workshop 2: Practical use of tools – How AI will transform Legal Process Improvement – AI in knowledge process management. It featured:

  • Carlos García-Egocheaga, Chief Executive Officer, at Lexsoft System.

IILPM LIVE 2024: Workshop 3: How AI will transform Legal Design

This video is on Workshop 3: Practical use of tools – How AI will transform Legal Design. It featured:

  • Lieke Beelen, Founder and CEO at Visual Contracts.

IILPM LIVE 2024: The Risks of Generative AI in LPM

This video is on The Risks of Generative AI in Legal PM. It featured:

  • Larry Bridgesmith, IILPM ATP; and Executive Director and Head of Consulting at Guardrail Technologies.

IILPM LIVE 2024: Conference Close and IILPM Awards 2024 Launch

This video is Closing Session of the Conference and speaks on the IILPM Awards 2024. It features:

  • David Skinner, Co-founder at Gimbal, Event Master of Ceremonies;
  • Dr Todd Hutchison, Global Chair, IILPM; and
  • Anna Marra, Global Deputy Chair, IILPM.