The International Institute of Legal Project Management is very excited to see our latest Accredited Training Provider established in Portugal.

We welcome Dr Jeanne-Mari Retief LLD LLM LLB (UP) LPP who is the Director of CALIBRICS, a consultancy that focuses on project and management solutions for the legal profession. She is an admitted attorney, who has specialised in the development of international human rights and the advancement of non-profit organisations. She is known for her creative and passionate approach to the evolution of a modern legal profession.

She has assisted law firms with team restructuring and is called upon to evaluate the strengths members could bring to the team, before appointment.

She founded CALIBRICS in 2012 and has since been published in various accredited journals, written books, and has presented papers both at home and abroad. She serves on various committees and hosts her own YouTube Channel. CALIBRICSĀ  began in Pretoria, South Africa and has its new office in Lisbon, Portugal.