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Legal Project Management Tip on the Kanban Board

This short Legal Project Management tip has Todd Hutchison discussing the Kanban board featuring Todd Hutchison

Legal Project Management Tip on Managing Issues

This short Legal Project Management tip has Todd Hutchison discussing how to manage matter issues featuring Todd Hutchison.

Legal Project Management February 2019 – IILPM’s 2nd Birthday Reflection on LPM

Join a reflection of 2 years of research and development into Legal Project Management – what it is and where it is going, featuring Todd Hutchison.

Legal Career and Lawyer Behavioural Style Insights

Learn about your most aligned options for a legal career and learn how behavioural sciences can help in identifying your role opportunities and access how you are performing in the work place featuring Todd Hutchison.

Legal and Forensic Project Management Videos

The PEACE Investigation Interviewing Model

Learn about the PEACE model that is used for investigative interviewing primarily in law enforcement featuring Todd Hutchison.

Managing Electronic Device Evidence when First on the Scene

Learn about dealing with electronic devices when arriving on a crime or investigation scene featuring Digital Forensic specialist Richard Boddington.

The Four Key Questions Behind an Investigation

Learn about the key objectives of an investigation in the form of the top 4 questions featuring Todd Hutchison.

The 22 Types of Evidence Terminology

Learn about the terms used with evidence and what they mean featuring Todd Hutchison.

The Burden of Proof Standards

Learn about the explains the Standards of Burden of Proof in investigation evidence and the 3 Key Categories featuring Todd Hutchison.

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