Legal Project Management Competency Framework (LPMCF)
The Business Education Institute, an Australian Government approved registered training organisation specialising in project management, and the International Institute of Legal Project Management worked with industry to develop the internationally-recognised Legal Project Management Competency Framework™ (LPMCF).

The LPMCF was formed by research of:

  • five key project management-related competency frameworks published by global and national professional bodies;
  • project management-related competency frameworks published by government entities;
  • project management-related competency frameworks published by private sector entities having commercial models;
  • project management competencies being defined in legal profession regulatory competencies;
  • market evidence from legal practice based on skills detailed in job advertisements);
  • LPM-related position descriptions of actual legal project practitioners in the industry; and
  • a survey instrument that gained industry engagement feedback from global LPM experts in nine different countries./span>

The LPMCF represents an international standard that sets out the competency skills for both the Legal Project Associate and the Legal Project Practitioner levels, and provides a guideline for training curriculum for use by universities, colleges and private training providers for legal project management-based education, certification and qualifications.