Professional Development in
Legal Project Management, and Legal Process Improvement 

We have trained and certified lawyers in 60 countries
through a network of accredited training providers in 13 countries

Welcome to the International Institute of Legal Project Management

Todd Hutchison ⎪ IILPM Chairperson

We are a worldwide organisation of legal project management and legal process improvement experts focused on improving legal matter planning and delivery, and efficiencies in legal operations.

We provide research, publish global practice guides and frameworks, develop workplace tools and deliver practical education that leads to internationally-recognised qualifications and global certifications.

We help lawyers and other legal professionals build their legal project management competencies and globally recognise their expertise.

The International Institute of Legal Project Management represents an award-winning worldwide community of legal professionals with graduates in 60 countries that are focused on the practical application of legal project management and legal process improvement practices to improve legal matter delivery and legal service operations.

The Institute has university partners in 6 countries offering education to help their students achieve global certifications, and a network of Accredited Training Providers (ATPs) offering certification course in legal project management and legal process improvement.

Our ATPs deliver training face to face, live online and online by-demand.

All ATPs follow the core syllabus for each course and deliver to high standards.  However, each ATP has licence to interpret and adapt the core syllabus to best meet the demand of its trainees.

IILPM course graduates receive accredited certifications which are recognised world-wide.  Our graduates can be found working in law firms and in-house legal departments in many jurisdictions.  You are welcome to join them – please contact one of our Accredited Training Providers for further information.

The IILPM Legal Project Management and Legal Process Improvement Certifications.

Legal Project Associate (LPA)

The Legal Project Associate™ (LPA) certification recognises a person with introductory knowledge about Legal Project Management and has the ability to either support legal matters or work in the legal matter project team (i.e. a legal project team member – not the legal project manager).

Legal Project Practitioner (LPP)

The Legal Project Practitioner™ (LPP) certification recognises a person with practitioner level knowledge about Legal Project Management and has the ability to lead legal matters as a legal project manager. This is the premier global certification for a legal project manager.

Legal Process Improvement Professional (LPIP)

Legal Process Improvement Professional™ (LPIP) certification recognises a person with process improvement knowledge and expertise to assist in the process mapping and improvement initiates focused on both the legal practice processes (legal operations) and legal matter processes (legal matters).

Check out information on the winners of the IILPM Awards 2023 and hear their success stories…

We define legal project management as the

application of project management principles and practices to enhance the delivery of legal services

The phrase legal project management most obviously refers to project management tools, methods and techniques applicable to legal service delivery, but it also includes legal process improvement methods, enabling technology, and people dynamics – including the communication skills required to succeed as a legal project manager.

Good legal service delivery requires effective systems and processes.  We define legal process improvement as,

a structured methodology for optimizing legal and business processes, so that legal professionals can deliver high-quality, cost-effective services in less time and with less effort.

We recognise that although LPM and LPI are distinct disciplines, they are related: applying best practice LPM and LPI together is the surest way of delivering excellent legal services.

IILPM Global Executive

The IILPM Global Executive represent the IILPM internationally and provide governance, strategic oversight and quality assurance to the Institute.

Dr Todd Hutchison

(Located in Australia)

Anna Marra

Deputy Chair
(Located in Spain)

Larry Bridgesmith

(Located in the USA)

Global Accredited Training Providers

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