Countries Covered:   South Africa

PocketAdvisor, based in Cape Town, is a legal training business offering quality online, hybrid and in-person courses and mentoring and coaching services.

With 20 years of experience in the law business, we have seen that in today’s fast-paced legal world, mastering efficient management of our legal matters is essential for legal professionals. Our Internationally Accredited Legal Project Management Course (“LPM”) helps legal practitioners to boost productivity, minimise risks, and deliver outstanding client results. At PocketAdvisor, we enable legal professionals to unleash their potential to positively impact the people they serve.

PocketAdvisor is also an alternative legal solution. We know that businesses fail in South Africa due to a lack of legal compliance. We also understand that quality legal services are expensive and often out of reach for many entrepreneurs. And that even for those that can afford and engage legal services, the maze of regulation is often too challenging to navigate sustainably. More entrepreneurs would grow and scale their businesses if legal knowledge is made more accessible, affordable, and packaged humanely.

PocketAdvisor offers entrepreneurs (regardless of industry) the opportunity to understand legal requirements and how it impacts their businesses to make better decisions, engage more meaningfully with a legal professional (when required) and contract with all stakeholders more effectively. We achieve this in under 60 days at a fraction of the typical costs usually associated.

We test participants’ knowledge throughout our courses to ensure optimal understanding and absorption are achieved. We also mentor and coach each participant. Furthermore, each module is supported by downloadable resources; the participants immediately implement learnings and provide practical experience to cement the knowledge into the business or practice.


Managing Director, PocketAdvisor Legal Solutions

Nicolene Schoeman–Louw

[email protected]

Nicolene Schoeman–Louw founded Pocket Advisor Legal Solutions in 2023.