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How can Legal Project Management (LPM) and Legal Process Improvement (LPI) training and certifications boost individual career and  legal team performance?


Streamlined processes lead to faster project completion.


Optimal resource allocation and competencies minimizes expenses.


Clear frameworks facilitate smoother collaboration and information flow.


Identifying risks and addressing potential issues preemptively.


Meeting deadlines and delivering quality results.


Recognized certifications open doors to new opportunities.


Ability to work transversally and collaborating with different professional styles


Ability to better understand the business needs, generate stronger collaboration and deliver results

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IILPM on-demand eLearning courses

The Institute offers the following on-demand eLearning courses:

Other courses are available in face-to-face, live online and blended formats by our Accredited Training Providers.

Train with our IILPM Accredited Training Providers

The International Institute of Project Management offers educational solutions through its global network of Accredited Training Providers (ATP).

Attending a course delivered by an ATP allows you to get recognized with a global IILPM certification.

The Institute has Accredited Training Providers offering worldwide training.

Introducing our Accredited Training Providers

Contact an ATP for live online or face to face training in your jurisdiction or for worldwide training.

Larry Bridgesmith

Larry Bridgesmith

Resides in USA

Gustavo Carmona

Gustavo Carmona

Resides in Mexico

Carmen Cortés Ramos

Carmen Cortés Ramos

Resides in Puerto Rico

Harald Evers

Harald Evers

Resides in

Ignaz Fuesgen

Ignaz Fuesgen

Resides in Germany

Eliana Fonseca

Eliana Fonseca

Resides in UAE

Todd Hutchison

Todd Hutchison

Resides in Australia

Aileen Leventon

Aileen Leventon

Resides in the USA

Anna Marra

Anna Marra

Resides in Spain

Nicolene Shoeman-Louw

Nicolene Shoeman-Louw

Resides in South Africa

Karen  Skinner

Karen Skinner

Resides in Canada

David Skinner

David Skinner

Resides in Canada

Antony Smith

Antony Smith

Resides in the UK

Veronika Voinovian

Veronika Voinovian

Resides in Russia

ATPs’ Certification Courses

On-Demand Training:

📆EN – Legal Process Improvement Professional LPIP HYBRID Certification, Hybrid (pre-recorded modules plus live 1:1 coaching via Zoom) (North America), Contact ATP: Karen and David Skinner

📆ES – In-company LPM&LPIP Training, Live (online or fase to face) (Spain and Latin America), Contact ATP: Anna Marra

Scheduled Training:

📆ES – Gestión Avanzada de Proyectos Legales (LPA/LPP)– starts on the8 July 2024 (Mexico), Contact ATP: Gustavo Carmona

📆EN – Applied Legal Project Management (LPA)– starts on the23 July 2024 (South Africa), Contact ATP: Nicolene Schoeman-Louw

📆EN – Legal Process Improvement Professional (LPIP), starts on the16 September 2024 (Canada), Contact ATP: Karen and David Skinner

📆EN – Advanced Project Management (LPA/LPM), starts on the16 September 2024, (Australia), Contact ATP: Todd Hutchison

📆EN – Legal Process Improvement Professional LPIP LIVE Certification, starts on the 16 September 2024 (Canada), Contact ATP: Karen and David Skinner

📆EN – Legal Project Management Training (LPA/LPP)– starts on the18 September 2024 (United Kingdom), Contact ATP: Antony Smith

📆ES – Curso Intensivo de Legal Process Improvement para certificarse (LPIP) – starts on the 23 September 2024 (Spain/LATAM), Contact ATP: Anna Marra

📆ES – Gestión Avanzada de Proyectos Legales (LPA/LPP)– starts on the30 September 2024 (Mexico), Contact ATP: Gustavo Carmona

📆ES – Curso intensivo de Legal Project Management para certificarse (LPA/LPP)– starts on the 2 October 2024 (Spain/LATAM), Contact ATP: Anna Marra

📆EN – Legal Process Improvement Professional Training (LPIP)–  starts on the24 October 2024 (United Kingdom), Contact ATP: Antony Smith

📆EN – Legal Project Management (LPA/LPP)– starts on the4 November 2024 (Canada), Contact ATP: Karen and David Skinner

📆EN – Applied Legal Project Management (LPA)– starts on the7 November 2024 (South Africa), Contact ATP: Nicolene Schoeman-Louw

📆ES – Legal Project Management Training (LPA/LPP)– starts on the27 November 2024, (United Kingdom), Contact ATP: Antony Smith

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