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Managing Electronic Device Evidence when First on the Scene

Learn about dealing with electronic devices when arriving on a crime or investigation scene featuring Digital Forensic specialist Richard Boddington.

The PEACE Investigation Interviewing Model

Learn about the PEACE model that is used for investigative interviewing primarily in law enforcement featuring Todd Hutchison.

The Four Key Questions Behind an Investigation

Learn about the key objectives of an investigation in the form of the top 4 questions featuring Todd Hutchison.

The 22 Types of Evidence Terminology

Learn about the terms used with evidence and what they mean featuring Todd Hutchison.

Locating Subjects during an Investigation

Learn about the typical ways people are located for investigation purpose featuring Todd Hutchison.

Vehicle Surveillance for the Investigator

Learn about the general principles and setup for undertaking vehicle surveillance for investigation featuring Todd Hutchison.

Consumer-based Spy Technology for the Investigator

Learn about some of the off-the-shelf and readily available consumer-based technology for the investigator to assist in surveillance  featuring Todd Hutchison.

The Burden of Proof Standards

Learn about the Standards of the Burden of Proof in investigation evidence and the 3 Key Categories featuring Todd Hutchison.

Rules of Evidence

Learn about the Rules of Evidence in investigation evidence and some insights into Civil and Criminal law evidence difference.

The Investigation Plan

Learn about the Investigation Plan used to plan the process and resource allocations for investigations featuring Todd Hutchison.

Continuity of Evidence (Chain of Evidence)

Learn about the Continuity of Evidence, known as the Chain of Evidence   featuring Todd Hutchison.

Witness Statements and their Reliability

Learn about the 4 key witness types, witness reliability and witness statements used in investigation evidence  featuring Todd Hutchison.

Giving Evidence in Court

Learn about the prior activities, the preparation and the presentation of giving evidence in a court featuring Todd Hutchison.

Intelligence Analysis: A Rating Model

Learn about Intelligence Analysis and a Rating model to grade Source Reliability and Information Reliability featuring Todd Hutchison.

Privacy Principles

Learn about the 13 Privacy Principles defined in the Privacy Act 1988 (Clth) featuring Todd Hutchison.

It refers to an Australian federal legalisation.

Elements of a Criminal Offence

Learn about the 2 key elements that are required to recognise a Criminal Offence featuring Todd Hutchison.

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