Thank you to the 20+ speakers from 8 countries who shared their knowledge and insights with lawyers from 61 countries during our second global online live conference, delivered in two languages.

The event covered updates and insights into both legal project management and legal process improvement across the globe and how it is revolutionising the legal industry.

Thanks to Legalboards for their sponsorship, and a big thankyou for all our speakers that included:

  1. Rafael Miranda (Legalboards – USA)
  2. Stacy Lettie (USA)
  3. Michael Tyler (UK)
  4. Charlotte Ioannou (UK))
  5. Emma Nigogosian (UK)
  6. Lanair Baker (USA)
  7. Mario Adaro (Argentina)
  8. Alfredo Bozzetti (Argentina)
  9. Shawnna Hoffman (USA)
  10. Jennifer Cody (USA)
  11. Rafael Miranda (Legalboards – USA)
  12. Anna Marra (Spain)
  13. Manuel Fernández Condearena (Spain)
  14. Sara Molina Pérez-Tomé (Spain)
  15. Julia Durantez Vázquez (Spain)
  16. Aaran Scott (UK)
  17. Todd Hutchison (Australia)
  18. David Skinner (Canada)
  19. Karen Skinner (Canada)
  20. Antony Smith (UK)
  21. Aileen Leventon (USA)
  22. Nicolene Schoeman-Louw (Africa)
  23. Larry Bridgesmith (USA)
  24. Carmen Cortés (Puerto Rico)

Keep an eye out for the pending global awards applications in legal process improvement that extends our legal project management global awards that will soon be announced.