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The International Institute of Legal Project Management (IILPM) is the largest global professional community for legal process and legal project management professionals. We assist you in your professional development, gaining recognition with international certification, and networking with top professionals and educators skilled in LPM and LPI.

Together, we are making a positive global impact on the practice of law.

We have trained and certified lawyers and other legal professionals in

countries across our Planet Earth

that are making a difference to the profession.

We offer globally recognized credentials comprising

Internationally-recognized certifications

that recognize expertise in LPI and LPM.

We have issued Global Awards to highlight excellent achievements

law firms and legal service providers

that are recognized for their excellence in their workplaces.

We provide a professional community of more than

educated and certified professionals

that are adding value to their entities and clients.

We have highly trained accredited training providers in

countries of residing expert educators

where we have physical expert educators living.

Calling for IILPM AWARDS 2024  Applications

Applications are now open until the 7 October 2024.    The winners will be announced on the 19 November 2024.

Click here to go to the Awards page for more information.

Discover our globally-recognised certifications

Legal Project Associate™ (LPA)

The LPA certification recognises a person with introductory knowledge about Legal Project Management, who can work on the legal matter project team (i.e. a legal project team member – not the legal project manager).

Legal Project Practitioner™ (LPP)

The LPP recognises a person with practitioner level knowledge about Legal Project Management, who can lead legal matters as a legal project manager. This is the premier global certification for a legal project manager.

Legal Process Improvement Professional™ (LPIP)

The LPIP certification recognises a person with process improvement knowledge and expertise to assist in the process improvement, on both the legal practice processes (legal operations-based projects) and legal matter processes (legal matters).

The value that adds up – Our Community’s speaking

The Legal Project Management (LPM) training was transformative and enriching. From day one, we learned tools and techniques that allow us to improve efficiency and effectiveness in managing our projects. Because the training was interactive and practical, featuring case studies and simulations, we were able to see how LPM can impact the quality of project outcomes. This difference generates greater value for our organization and delivers more value to our internal clients.

Legal Team Hispanoamérica


The Legal Project Management course has been an invaluable addition to our professional toolkit. It has not only enriched our knowledge but also instilled a greater sense of confidence in managing legal projects. We are genuinely thankful for the opportunity to have participated in this course. We wholeheartedly recommend this course to any legal professional seeking to enhance their project management skills and to those aspiring to bring about positive change in their legal practice.

Legal Team

Repsol, España

As a lawyer, I have always felt the need for a renewal of legal practice to improve the management of legal matters. Through the Legal Project Practitioner course, I gained new knowledge and a working method that meets this need. Thanks to the IILPM certification, I was able to assert my qualities and successfully export my skills, receiving significant recognition from my company. My support has improved the corporate approach to legal issues and optimized internal resources.

Avv. Massimiliano Cristino

Legal manager, EN.IT, Italy

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  • keep informed and up-to-date on industry trends in legal project management and process improvement practices;
  • gain access to frameworks, guidelines, templates and competency models that guide your workplace efforts;
  • gain professional development in the latest methods and techniques in LPM and LPI;
  • promote your expertise and personal recognition through credentials that are globally recognised;
  • connect  and network with other LPAs, LPPs, LPIPs and educators worldwide;
  • acquire or reinforce competencies on Legal Project Management and Legal Process Improvement;
  • attend monthly conferences in both English or Spanish to further enhance knowledge sharing;
  • get fast insights through our annual online IILPM LIVE conference in both English and Spanish;
  • engage with our global awards program to promote and be recognised for your organizational successes;
  • quarterly industry update  newsletters; and
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