Our Global Speakers

Aaran Scott, Clifford Chance

Albert Ferré, CEO, @Global LegalTech Hub

Alejandro Castellano, Founder Maite.ai

Anna Marra, Global Deputy Chair, IILPM

Carlos García-Egocheaga, Lexsoft System

Christopher Ivy, Legal Technology & Operations Lead, LPM Team, Baker Mckenzie

Blanca López Rubio, Legal Project Manager, Baker Mckenzie

David Skinner, IILPM; Co-Founder, Gimbal

Irene Martínez-Calcerrada, Banco Santander

Jenn Lowery, Clifford Chance

José Ignacio López, Uría Menendez

Juan Gustavo Corvalán, IBA IALAB

Karen Skinner, IILPM; CEO & Co-Founder, Gimbal

Larry Bridgesmith, IILPM; Strategic Advisor, Guardrail Foundation

Lieke Beelen, Founder & CEO, Visual Contracts

Nicolene Schoeman-Louw, IILPM

Pascal Weber, Clifford Chance

Sam Flynn, Co-Founder, Josep Legal and CLI

Todd Hutchison, Global Chair,  IILPM

Welcome to the IILPM Live 2024 event: IILPM and Global Legaltech Hub – discussing the intersection between LPM and Technology.
  • Dr Todd Hutchison, Global Chair, IILPM
  • Albert Ferré, Vice President, Global Legaltech Hub (GLTH)
  • Master of Ceremony: David Skinner, IILPM ATP; Co-founder
    at Gimbal

Case studies from Law firms and Legal Departments on LPM:

  • Clifford Chance (Winner IILPM Awards, 2023 – Best LPM)
  • Banco Santander (Winner IILPM Awards, 2023 – Best in house LPM)
  • Centre for Legal Innovation at the College of Law, Australia
  • Moderator: Anna Marra, IILPM Deputy Chair
  • Aaran Scott, Director of Legal Project Management, at Clifford Chance UK
  • Irene Martínez-Calcerrada, Group Vice President Asesoría Jurídica Santander HQ – Coordination of Countries Legal Departments, at Banco Santander
  • Sam Flynn, CLI Advisory Board Member and Co-founder at Josep

Case studies and report highlights from Law firms, Legal Departments and Innovation Labs on LPI:

  • Uría Menéndez (Special Recognition IILPM Awards, 2023 – LPI)
  • Centre for Legal Innovation at the College of Law, Australia
  • Maite.ai
  • Moderator: Karen Skinner, IILPM ATP; Co-founder and CEO at Gimbal
  • José Ignacio López, Project Manager and Legal Project Practitioner, at Uría Menéndez
  • Alejandro Castellano, Founder Maite.ai
  • Juan Gustavo Corvalán, Innovation and AI Lab Director, Universidad de Buenos Aires
Break: Spend sometime with our Sponsors discovering their solutions or join the Networking Room Join Our Sponsors
Workshop 1: Practical us of tools – How AI will transform LPM
  • Christopher Ivy, Legal Project Manager at Baker Mckenzie, USA
  • Blanca López Rubio, Senior Technology & Operations Analyst, LPM Team, at Baker Mckenzie, Holland
Workshop 2: Practical use of tools – How AI will transform LPI – AI in knowledge process management
  • Carlos García-Egocheaga, Chief Executive Officer, at Lexsoft System
Workshop 3: Practical use of tools – How AI will transform LDT
  • Lieke Beelen, Founder and CEO at Visual Contracts
The Risks of GenAI in LPM
  • Larry Bridgesmith, IILPM ATP; and  Strategic Advisor at Guardrail Technologies
Conclusions and IILPM Awards 2024 Announcement: IILPM Awards 2024: are you the next winner?
  • Dr Todd Hutchison, Global Chair, IILPM
  • Anna Marra, Global Deputy Chair, IILPM

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