Susan Lambreth,
United States

Susan Lambreth
has over 25 years of experience as a consultant to the legal profession. Her work today primarily focuses on two areas: legal project management and practice group management. She has written three books in each area. She is a leading teacher of LPM training and helps firms develop and launch their LPM initiatives/programs. She was recently awarded the TVPI Educator of the Year award for her LPM training programs. She has also helped about half the AmLaw 200 set up their practice group structure or train their practice group leaders.

She also consults on leadership, innovation and strategic issues affecting the future of law firms and the legal profession. She works with managing partners, practice group leaders, executive committees and many business professionals in LPM, pricing, innovation, value, legal operations or practice management roles.

She has helped many of the largest firms in the U.S. implement strong practice group management (including over 30{f2f34f8ccf078d00edc9c87e107bf555a3545134b99da9962c07023f796f5c0f} of the AmLaw 100) and train their Practice Group Leaders. She has trained over 4,000 lawyers, who hold firm or practice management roles, how to lead and manage more effectively. She has helped many of the top law firms of all sizes improve their profitability and enhance their lawyers’ leadership and management skills. She is nationally recognized as one of the top leadership, practice and project management consultants for law firms.

Before joining LawVision, she was a partner with Hildebrandt International (and later Hildebrandt Baker Robbins) for almost 20 years. She was also a principal with Altman Weil before joining Hildebrandt. Before entering consulting, she practiced law with a Philadelphia law firm.

Specialties: legal project management, practice group management, leadership development, leadership and management training, consulting to law firms.

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